San Diego Blood Bank
July 2008
Thursday, July 24, 2007  7:30 - 10:30 PM
Buster's BeachHouse and Longboard
807 W. Harbor Drive, San Diego
Food, fun, drink
All just STEPS from the Con!!
$15 + no-host bar
Comic-Con by Karyl Miller
day the only way to get anywhere near the
Convention Center is via helicopter or Hovercraft.

Jack pulls up PETCO CAM on the web and croaks
“Holy Moley.”  From the ballpark the Convention
Center looks exactly like pictures of Mecca
encircled by millions of frenzied pilgrims or what I
like to call religious fanatics.  San Diego’s Comic-
Con has become so fabulous, people are now
worshipping it!  

All I can think is: What if some pilgrim trips on his
Batman cape, falls down and causes two hundred
comic fans to die in a mass trampling?  You see it
on the news every day.

Other negative factor keeping me home: Call me
spoiled but like parking right in front of where I’m
going.  I like parking under where I’m going a little
less, but I can live with that if I get a spot near the
elevators.  Parking at some blocks-away motel
and then waiting in the sweltering sun for the Con
bus is my idea of Russia.  Am I a snob for thinking
my bus mates still live in their mother’s basements
and this is their first glimpse of daylight since the
last Con?  And while I admit by now we’re all
sweating, these geektrons have BO.  From

Now, I’m not afraid of the 300 lb. Spidey even
though I don’t want to sit next to him because he’ll
take more than his share of ass space.  The Goth
girls joined at the nose by safety pin don’t phase
me in the least – I’ve seen that on the cover of
Vogue.  But my seatmate has psycho-killer written
all over him.  He’s quiet.  Too quiet.  This fruitcake
is wearing head to toe leather in mid July with his
collar turned up!  What if he forgot his Thorazine
back home in Indiana and he goes Travis Bickle
on any woman who reminds him of his 6th grade
English teacher?  I’m a dead duck!

Luann's Greg Evans will be signing autographs at the  
Darryl Cagle.   

Marge Holland will again be serve as videographer for the
Comic-Con Maskerade.  Daughter
Sonja Holland will be
displaying her fabulous art at the Con Art Gallery.

Jackie Estrada  is the Eisner Awards Administrator, a
mover shaker behind the scenes, planning and coordinating
many Comic-Con comittees and activities and is an editor the
official Comic-Con catalogue.

Jorge Pacheco will be gracing Artists' Alley for the 34rd
Batton Lash will be hawking his latest edition of his
fabulous, quirky "Supernatural Law" comic book.

Michael Aushenker will be at the WildCard Ink booth this
year as a guest, signing his POKEY books (He's writing the
GUMBY'S GANG miniseries and the first of the four issues is
about POKEY).  He says, "Drop by and visit! It's gonna be fun."

Stay tuned for updated SCCS and Comic-Con info!
Honoring Comic-Con's creator SCCS' own Shel Dorf
by Charlie Roberts
As a collector living in Pennsylvania in the early 1980's, I'd heard of
also read pieces by Shel and seen photos he'd taken, but never
met him.
Museum" when it was still in in Connecticut for a chalk talk by "
Terry and the Pirates" and "Steve Canyon" comic strip creator
Milton Caniff. The presentation was excellent, and Caniff was In
April 1983 my wife Joan and I drove from Pa. to the "Cartoon
incredibly gracious, signing autographs and talking to everyone.
During the chalk talk he had done an incredible "Dragon Lady" in
color. When we got home I wrote Caniff, inquiring about
commissioning a color "Dragon Lady" for the collection and
sending him the incredible amount of $ 40 (well, $ 40 in 1983 would
be equal to $ 42 today!). A few weeks later we received a great
specially done "Dragon Lady" original  from Caniff, and within a day
or two Shel sent us a superb color photo he'd taken of Caniff with
our drawing. It turns out Shel and Tom French happened to be
doing a video interview with Caniff in Palm Springs when Caniff
received our request . The video actually shows Caniff doing our
art (Ta Daa !).
We moved to the Ocean Beach area of San Diego in August 1983,
and wound up living right around the corner from Shel. I was
having a hard time getting a job our first few months, and Shel
hired me to rule the lines and borders on blank "Steve Canyon"
strips for Shel to letter.( I really hated to cash those Milton Caniff
checks, but we needed groceries !) Shel also hired Joan to
transcribe a few interviews he's done.
LAURA EMBRY / Union-Tribune
A drawing of Comic-Con founder Shel Dorf is on a wall of fame at the
Palm Restaurant in downtown San Diego.

He isn't bitter, not publicly anyway. He figures he had his run. He was
actively involved in the convention for the first 15 years, using
contacts he'd built from a lifetime of loving the comics to bring some
of the industry's biggest names to San Diego.
The convention also helped him get more work as an artist and a
writer and enhanced his reputation as a historian of comics. When
Warren Beatty turned Dick Tracy into a movie in 1990, Dorf was a

No meeting, no Slice 'O Wry

September 10, Wednesday
Jorge Pacheco - artist,
cartoonist, caricaturist
SD Blood Bank

October 8, Wednesday -
Andrew Mitchell -
SD Blood Bank

November - TBA

December 10, Wednesday
Jack White's Magic Museum