winter 2013
President's Mess.
Karyl Miller, Prez, SCCS
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North County Meetings
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GEORGE GLADIR 1925 - 2013

Jim Whiting, George Gladir, Mary Gladir, (bg) Bob Weber

George (eyes closed) , Suzi, Paul Gringle, Jim Whiting, Greg

Suzi, George , Paul Gringle, Jim Whiting's  head, Greg Evans
(in back)

Newsman Jack White and George Gladir
8.5.2013 NEW BOOK! by
SCCS members
Ellen Friedman and Jim
Enjoy a light hearted look at
magic through this collection
of whimsical magic-themed
cartoons and short essays. The
100+ cartoons – called
Magitoons – are the creation of
writer Ellen Friedman and artist
Jim Whiting, produced monthly
for over ten years. Some
Magitoons show magic from
the point of view of the
audience, others from the
point of view of the magician. A
few look at magic as the rabbit’
s view from under the hat.
What’s your view of magic?

Dear Fellow Cartoonists,

The 2013 San Diego Charger Blood Drive was a huge
success and a blast, as usual!  Thanks to fellow SCCS  
caricaturists George Brewster, Jon Esparza, Koba, Batton
Lash, Gene Saxby, Jim Whiting and Janet Williams who
drew donors all day for free.

Drawing free caricatures of blood donors has always been
my favorite SCCS activity!  Since we no longer have
monthly meetings, is gives everybody a chance to catch up
with everybody else.

As always, blood donors are a diverse and fascinating
bunch.  Some donors give twice a year and some donate
blood platelets (which hurts)  as many as 6 times a year!   

This year Janet Williams and I had the pleasure of drawing
a father and his son donor, who had just turned 17 - the
minimum age to give blood. What a fabulous example this
dad set for his boy.   

Over the years I have met and drawn entire families,
dressed head to toe in full Charger regalia and who come
en masse not only because they love the Chargers, but
because they believe in giving blood as the noble deed
that it is.

Got cartoon news about yourself? Let us know so we can
post a link right here.
webmaster Jack Zabawa 'n Karyl

father 'n son

Jon Esparza, Janet Williams, Karyl Miller
Koba,  Jim Whiting, Batton Lash @
SD Chargers Blood Drive